Portlet now Open Hardware

While there are a few Portlets out there happily cranking away as Reflow Ovens and advanced Light Controllers, for the most part the poor project seems to be accumulating a thin layer of dust.  An inglorious end for a project with such potential and such a ridiculous amount of effort poured into it.  So we are now publishing all of the files!  Head over to the Portlet page to take a look at all  that is there!  If you’d like to build your own, please consider buying the case from us to help support the project.

If there is enough interest in Portlet, we will happily help to build the project into something bigger; more revisions with new features, more documentation, etc. (maybe even a nicer website!)

Hope this helps you with your projects!

Making progress on website

I have conquered uncounted numbers of mechanical problems, defeated numerous electrical difficulties, and beaten dozens of computers into submission. I refuse to be conquered by these “intuitive” website builders.

But silently, I curse the web …